Skagit Wildlife Area

The beginning of spring in Skagit County is a wonderful and awe inspiring sight to behold for many locals, and those just passing through. Birds begin their migration north and stop in the valley for a chance to rest and gorge on the bountiful food available. Flowers start budding and soon Tulip season will begin, but more on Tulips another day;) One of my favorite things to do at the start of spring is bird watching, and the Skagit Valley is the perfect place to be.

Trumpeter Swans, Snow Geese, Great Blue Herons, and Bald Eagles- all call Skagit home this time of year. This is in partial thanks to the efforts of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, who work in conjunction with local farmers to rotate crops so there is always good grazing this time of year. The Skagit Wildlife Area is over 16,000 acres of land set aside for the conservation of native species, from fish, to birds, and plants. I’ve fallen in love with the “Bald Eagle Natural”, which at the moment has two nesting Bald Eagles. A regular pastime recently on my breaks from work has been to stop by, take a walk, and hope I can snap some pictures of the eagles. Watching the eagles build their nest for the year has been a great joy. If you want to stop by you’ll need a Discover Pass, which is $10 for the day and $30 for an annual pass. So I hope you stop by and do a little exploring of your own, just remember if you carry something in please carry it out! Let’s leave the ecosystem as we found it so everyone, especially the wildlife, can enjoy it in the future:)

charitable donation

If you would like to keep this sight running please make a donation:)


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