Fragrance Lake

Living in the Pacific Northwest the last few years has been a wonderful experience. The area I live, Bellingham, is a nice central location for many great outdoor activities. One of my favorite places to go, though I don’t go nearly enough is Fragrance Lake. It’s a little over 6 miles south of Bellingham along Chuckanut Drive, a beautiful winding road with sporadic but lovely views of the San Juans Islands. You’ll need a Discover Pass to park your car, it’s only 10 dollars for a day or you can buy an Annual Pass for 30 dillars.

It’s a nice easy hike with a round trip of 5.5 miles, though you can easily add on to that with all of the side trails. I added another mile and a half to my hike by hiking a few smaller trails. It does have some steep portions, the gain on the trail if 950ft which can give your legs a great workout.

Reaching the lake at the top of the hike is a reward in itself, calm and peaceful with a beautiful view. It’s a great spot to have a picnic. I’m looking forward to Summer when it’s warm enough to go wading. I recommend walking the loop around the lake before heading back, though if a person was feeling ambitious they could continue on to Lost Lake which adds another 5.5 miles. I’ll save Lost Lake for another day however;) So take a trip to Fragrance Lake, a local favorite, and let me know what you think.

If you have any suggestions for future trips let me know in the comments section!


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2 thoughts on “Fragrance Lake

  1. I love the pictures you took on this hike–truly beautiful.

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