Thailand, a Land of Beauty and Adventure

Deciding to travel through Southeast Asia by myself has honestly been both the easiest and hardest thing for me to do. Making the choice to have no safety net, to go someplace where I knew no one was difficult. On the other hand there has always been a part of me that longed for adventure and new experiences. Finally feeding that need eased an ache inside my soul I hadn’t realized was there. Thailand is a beautiful and wonderful country and I would honestly recommend it to anyone interested, especially if you’ve never been to Asia before. There is amazing public transportation, wonderful street food, bustling markets, tranquil temples, and relaxing beaches. There is something for everyone in Thailand.

One of my favorite places to visit was Bai Orchid-Butterfly farm, about 45min North of Chang Mai by yellow bus. It has about 200 different species of orchids and many different types of butterflies. I only had about 30min to spend there before heading on a day trek, but it is definitely on my list to revisit the next time I’m in Thailand. Entrance cost is about 45-50 Baht which translates to about $1.50 US. It also has a nice little coffee shop attached to it if you need something to snack on. More from my adventures in Asia in posts to come so stay tuned;) 

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