Getting Started… The First Step is Always Hardest

Deciding to change your life is difficult, but taking the first steps to make a change in yourself is always the hardest. I’m ready to move forward and take my first steps towards growth and a thriving new me. Hopefully you join me for the journey forward.

Like most people I’ve been stuck im a dead end job going nowhere, doing something that doesn’t bring me any type of satisfaction or happiness. It’s time to grasp the freedom and adventure that has been missing so much in my life recently, and maybe I’ll inspire you to take some risks as well.

My first step towards a free me took me to Tennant Lake, just a little north of Bellingham, WA and just South of the Canadian border. It’s a birder’s paradise with beautiful walking trails and wetland paths. If you’re in the area it’s a definite must see with amazingly maintained gradens at the head of the trail making a nice place for a picnic. If you show up in winter make sure you dress warmly, it’s colder than a witches… 😉

8 thoughts on “Getting Started… The First Step is Always Hardest

  1. That sounds awesome. Kinda far for me. Good luck to you on your new adventure. It will be fun to have some new things come your way. You just never know!

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    1. Thanks so much:) I’m planning on a new adventure a week!


  2. These are gorgeous photos. Makes me want to take a hike there.

    Chapter 66: His Ace

    Yesterday had

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  3. Just watched Expedition Happiness and it made me want to explore more, both myself , my circumstances, and my planet. Wishing you well.

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    1. I’ll need to take a look at that! I’m trying to read more books and watch more movies that inspire me like that.


  4. Nancy Truitt Pierce February 10, 2018 — 6:05 pm

    What a wonderful new and creative endeavor, Linnea. Go Girl!

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